The World

The Red Series

This was my first series, though I didn’t really realize it at the time.  I’m not the first artist to be captivated by the striking effect of a splash of red in a landscape.

Postcards from Newfoundland

This is an ongoing series, building towards my exhibition in Corner Brook, Newfoundland in October 2015. 

Bird Series

My first intentional series.  Each bird represents somebody important in my life.  See the stories in my blog, Marzipan Road.

Seashore Series

My first micro-compositions, designed under the forced economy of having only 5000 loops to evoke the buckets of specimens collected by my eager family.

The Orange Series

Orange defines my favourite season.  It can also feel like such a daring colour to use…


Garden Series

A macro exploration of inspiration found in the smallest of details around my neighbourhood and own backyard.

Spectacular Nature

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