“I am an artist.”

Just four little words, and yet it took me five years to earn my own permission to use them.

Now Karen D. Miller Studio is my window to the world, and also your window to me. I tell my stories through fibre. I love the feel of it, I love what it can do.  I use the texture of fibre to involve the viewer’s sense of touch and so, perhaps more than is possible with any other medium, I can appeal to the viewer’s memories to complement my images.   Beyond that, though, I do not limit myself by technique, or material, or style. I do what I need to do to say what I want to say.

I want to share breathtaking physical beauty with you, like the fantastic shapes and colours of the myriad Icelandic desolations and the crisp clarity of Icelandic air. The bony strength of the formidable Atlantic Canadian coastlines. The stark strength of naked trees. The unrestrained joys of innocent childhood.

And I want to share with you the beauty that can only be born of obstacles, misfortune and even pain because though sadly they touch us all, the beauty they sometimes beget can be the most beautiful of all. Victory. Not defeated. Refusal to accept limitation.

For many, fibre evokes links to folk art.  I respect this history, but I also delight in the opportunity to surprise with modern images and the innovative integration of different materials and techniques.

Please come by often and peek in through the window on my Exhibitions page to see what I’m up to now. Or, if you like my journey, subscribe to my blog at Marzipan Road.


Karen D. Miller is a member of the Craft Ontario, TAFA:  The Textile and Fiber Arts List and the Guild Trip.