It’s a new Season!

It seems that Spring has finally sprung! The birds are chirping, the sun is shining and buds are starting to appear on the trees. I’m getting excited for all of the inspiration that nature is going to provide once again. Don’t get me wrong, there is lots of inspiration to be found in winter too. But eventually I do get a little tired of the whites and greys of the winter months.

This past week, on a rainy day, I was particularly attracted to the lichen on the bark of the trees near me. When the bark is wet, the lichen really shines, and the yellows of this specimen almost seemed unreal. I’m still exploring and experimenting with lichen as a subject, and my photo led to this interpretation that I just finished up yesterday.

I’m still really enjoying the process of weaving my own backings. It is a very slow and relaxing process, and I have a number of ideas for how I can continue to build on this combination of techniques. I hope to do a little experimentation with that later this week, if I can squeeze it in.

Not only have we entered a new season in nature, but I feel like I have also entered a new season on the work front. Every year seems to be a little different with regards to when I am the busiest. This is definitely now my busy period for this year. Things are a flurry over here with preparing for a number of upcoming big events. The OHCG Annual is just two weeks away, so all the last minute framing and mounting is being done for my featured artist exhibit. My “A Mother’s Worry” piece is finally getting its frame, so my husband has been busy getting that ready, along with working on the presentation of a number of my hooking and weaving pieces. There is only one weekend left to get everything ready, with not much time during the week, so there will be a big push to get everything done. I’m really looking forward to seeing how it all comes together at the Annual!

Speaking of the Annual, I am also teaching two workshops there. So I have also been really busy with sending out class emails, preparing backings, sorting yarns, printing out handouts etc. etc. In fact, between now and the end of June I will have taught five classes for a total of 55 students! I’m sending out the last information email for one of my classes today and am really excited to meet new people and teach them how to hook with yarn. I’m also getting the opportunity to teach some kids throughout the month of May, something I haven’t done in awhile, which is going to be super fun!

My studio is a disaster with class materials strewn everywhere for the various classes. I am also knee deep in applications for various fibre related exhibits and opportunities. But I have been making some time to work on my latest piece.

This piece will be the continuation of my ongoing series of pieces inspired by the concept and experience of motherhood. The wheels have been churning with a number of new ideas for this series, so once this crazy busy season is over I hope to get to work on all of that a lot more.

And I’m closing in on having a first draft completed of the book! I’ve been putting in some full days recently on different parts of the book writing process, including tracking down and organizing photos and other details.

Watch this space for a few other little surprises here and there, as well as lots of photos from the OHCG Annual. When I re-emerge from this crazy busy time at the end of June, I hope to hunker down even more on the creativity and experimentation side. I’m so lucky to have a job that I love so much!


2 thoughts on “It’s a new Season!

  1. Hi Karen, as the owner of a new loom, I am really interested in your approach to weaving your own backs.
    I am taking a day long course with you in September. Hoping that you can mention something about it then if time permits.

    • Hi Jane! I’m looking forward to meeting you. I will bring several of my weaving pieces to the September class for you to take a look at. I am also planning to offer a class of some form in the near future that will deal with this topic as I have a lot of people interested in this technique. 🙂

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