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Time to catch up a bit on all the recent news!

I think I had mentioned before that I am teaching two sessions of my Tulips: Hooking with Yarn class at the upcoming OHCG Annual here in Ottawa. In addition, I will have a couple of my pieces in the general display as well. New this year is also a trial run at having some pieces from Ottawa and area members for sale. I will have a few of my pieces in this as well, and they will be available for purchase at the Annual.

But the even bigger news, is that I was approached to be one of four featured artists at the Annual! What this means is that within the general exhibit there will be a fairly large section that will feature a number of my pieces, including many of my larger pieces that haven’t been on exhibit for awhile. This will be a really good opportunity to see some of my older work, along with my newer work. The exhibit is open to the public on Sunday, May 6th. I’ve been told to expect a turnout of at least 1000 people so this is a pretty big deal. Lots of beautiful work to see and there will be vendors as well selling lots of tools and materials. All the details are in the poster above and I will keep everyone posted as we get closer to the event.

I have a fair bit of teaching coming up this Spring that I have been busy preparing for. As well, I have been plugging away at my book. Things are really coming together and I am really loving how all the pieces are fitting together.

As I mentioned before, this year has been all about experimentation. I hit on a technique that I am really loving, and a lot of my experimentation time has gone into this as I am brimming with ideas for it. Once the ideas dry up, I’ll move on to another method, but for now I’m really enjoying this! I have been using my table top loom that I bought a couple of years ago to weave my own backings. Then I hook into those backings. The possibilities, as I am discovering, are endless.

So far I have been mostly exploring my fascination with lichen, but I have also branched off in a couple of other directions too. Expect to see a lot more of this weaving/hooking combination from me in the future.

The rest of my time has been going to preparing class teaching notes, class kits, prepping yarns etc. etc. I have begun the process of outlining a portraits class that I hope to hold later this year, but it has stalled a little bit while I prep for upcoming classes. Once those have passed I will get back to it again. I will be filling my portraits classes from my current waiting lists first, so if you have already contacted me with your interest don’t worry- I have your name! 🙂 If you haven’t, feel free to contact me to be put on the list.

That’s all from me for now. Have a great long weekend!


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