Week in Review

The November/December issue of Rug Hooking Magazine is now out and in it I have an article on how to hook with yarn. I was approached by the magazine some time ago to write such an article as they had been receiving a lot of questions on hooking with yarn. I was happy to share all that I know and the many tips that I have developed over the years through trial and error. I have been receiving a lot of positive feedback from people who are finding the article helpful and useful, which makes me very happy!

The past few weeks have been busy with teaching, and last week was no exception. I held the second session of my Nature & Landscapes Advanced Rug Hooking Class. It was another great group of students who had a great eye for finding potential subjects to hook on our nature walk. It was interesting how most of the students this time took a more abstract approach to their work. I love when people take my classes and decide to work outside of their comfort zones and try something new. For me, that’s what makes teaching so worthwhile. Can’t wait to see their finished pieces.

I have also been making a lot of time for myself in the studio this past week and weekend. Progress continues to be made on my large piece. I had originally gotten a little tired of working on the grass and had moved on to the water. Now that the water has been finished, I am forcing myself to go back and fill in all those little gaps in the grass before allowing myself to start on the sky.

I have finally also begun to tackle some of my more experimental ideas. Many of these ideas I had started to play around with a year or more ago, but then just didn’t have the time to see them out fully. When I was doing the full-time mama gig with time only in the evenings for work, I didn’t have the time for trying something and having it fail. What having the kids in school has meant is that I don’t feel the same pressure to always get things right the first time. This is leading to a lot of very interesting work that I am looking forward to sharing once I have spent a bit more time on it.

And work continues on the book I am writing! I am still feeling very excited about it which is my way of knowing that I am still on the right track with it!

This week I am teaching a Beginner Rug Hooking with Yarn class. There is some space still left in the class, and it is likely the last Beginner class that I will teach before next Spring. This winter I want to begin to develop a Portraits in Yarn class that I hope to start offering next Fall. If you are interested in the Beginner class this Thursday, you can send me a message for more information. The class will be held in Ottawa, Ontario.


Nature & Landscapes Class

Yesterday was the first of the Fall sessions of my Nature & Landscapes Advanced Rug Hooking Class. It was so much fun! It was a great group of ladies who were definitely open to getting out of their comfort zones and game to try anything. We started the class with a nature walk to explore different ways of “seeing” the things around us and to gather some inspiration photos for our work. Back at the class we learned about composing our image, colour planning, getting our designs on backing, and then got down to work on hooking the projects that they selected.

This first piece was inspired by a recent walk in the Mer Bleue Bog. The mix of acid greens and bright pinks is outstanding.

This piece was inspired by a lichen covered waste water grate we encountered on our walk. She wanted to combine another photo that she had of flowers so she added a flower in the lower corner. When this one is completed it is going to have quite an abstract feel.

This student was inspired by some fungi and moss that she encountered. Once she gets in her background colours the fungi is really going to stand out!

The mix of reds and greens in this leaf piece are fantastic. This finished image will really fill the frame and makes for a really interesting composition.

The dark greens against the pinks of this leaf are amazing. Nature really does do the colour planning for us in many cases.

The biggest take aways from the class were to give yourself permission to try something new, that making art should be a freeing experience and not one that is bogged down by too many rules, and of course that inspiration is everywhere!

I can’t wait to see what these finished pieces look like!

There are still two spaces left for this class next Wednesday here in Ottawa. If you are interested in more information, send me a message at marzipanroad@bell.net.