I think it is safe to say that Spring has finally arrived here in Ottawa!  Yesterday I started working on the fibre art privacy screen for our backyard.  Last Fall I took apart the hooked hosta inspired piece that I made last summer, washed and dried all the strips, and packed them away.  This year I’m going with a new design, with the addition of some new colours, and I’m weaving instead of hooking!  It is going slightly faster than hooking it did so I am excited to get it finished and up filling the gap in our hedge.  Will post photos when it is completed!

This has been a busy year so far, with most of it going on behind the scenes.  It’s so very interesting when you start your own business, to see the momentum that begins to take off on its own within a couple of years.  I have been fielding a lot of requests for various exciting things.  Some may work out, some may not.  But it is definitely an exciting and busy time and I look forward to sharing more of it with you once things get firmed up.  Stay tuned for announcements on teaching, exhibits, publications and more!

I’m also working away on my first Advanced Nature and Landscape class.  This class will be held in June (sorry, this class is full!) and will be held again in September.  If you are interested in being put on the waiting list for future advanced adult classes, just send me an email at marzipanroad@bell.net and I will add you to the list.  All classes will be held in Ottawa, Ontario.   I plan to start offering an intensive portraits class in 2018 so stay tuned for details on that.

I have been managing to get some hooking done as well.  This is my current piece and what I have completed so far.  As you can see, I continue to procrastinate on the faces and hands.  🙂   I don’t have the exact measurements off-hand, but this is definitely one of my bigger pieces.  This photo only shows a small portion of it.  It will likely take me some time to complete but I think it will be worth it in the end!  I also have sketched a small carnation inspired piece that I haven’t yet started on, but plan to plug away at on the hooking nights that some friends and I regularly have.

I have no major exhibits in the works for this year, but in the next couple of weeks I will be announcing a group exhibit that I have a piece in.  I’m also starting to think about exhibits for next year.  2018 is looking to be a pretty fun year already!

Hope you are enjoying nice weather wherever you are!  Here are some of the things that I am loving these days:

  • The beautiful Spring weather, of course!  So good for everyone’s spirits!
  • I did a major reorganization of my studio and put all of my yarns into separate plastic sealable tubs, organized by colour.  It was a lot of work but the result is amazing.  No more yarn spilling out of open baskets.  No more searching through “mixed” bins looking for tidbits of a certain colour.  I feel organized and rejuvenated.
  • Doing A LOT of Spring cleaning and de-cluttering.  Someone even noticed when they came to my house how much I had cleared out.  Our philosophy is very much if we don’t love or need something, it goes to someone who will love or need it.  I’m not a believer in rotating things through so there are no bins of unhung pictures or undisplayed knickknacks at our house.  If it isn’t good enough to be out on display right now, then it is gone.  I want to be surrounded only by the things we love, find beautiful, and hold special meaning to us.  I am excited to do a big Fall cleanout of toys and books that have been outgrown too!   Getting rid of unnecessary clutter always makes me feel so good.
  • Regular hooking nights with friends.  Having a nice night with a glass of wine and a good laugh is terrific for the soul.
  • Watching my son on his new bike.  Yesterday he asked me to put the shiny pink tassels from his sister’s old bike on his new bike.  I love that.  Gender stereotyping drives me crazy, and it was only when I had a son that I realized how much stereotyping exists for boys too.  I love that he feels free enough to play with whatever he wants and not what the world thinks he should.  Long may that continue. 
  • Watching birds at our feeders and listening to their songs.  A sure sign of Spring
  • Planning summer adventures.  Just like every year, we have so much in the works and I can’t wait to do all sorts of fun things with my three favourite people.

I could go on and on but I’ll leave it at that.  Take a moment to think about what is making you feel happy at this time of seasonal change!

Until next time,