Creativity is Everywhere

I’ve been going through a bit of a rough patch recently on the creative front.  I’m not going to lie- recent world events have left me a little dispirited.  I found it really hard to focus on my art and I felt greatly like my work needed more purpose.  It seemed trivial to be working on “pretty pictures” when other artists were tackling some of the bigger issues.

This past week I finally managed to move out of that funk.  I picked up my hook again and got back to work on the piece that I am almost finished.  It isn’t a piece that has a huge message behind it.  It doesn’t make a statement.  It’s just a story about the love between a person and their pet.  But maybe that’s enough.  Maybe I don’t have to delve into the deeper issues; or at least not yet.  Maybe it is ok for me to take the time that I need to figure out my message and how I want to approach it.   These are the things that I continue to mull as I push myself to just keep making art.   Eventually I will figure out my voice.

So for about a four week period I was unable to hook.   I definitely started to feel that lack of creativity in my life.  But as I started to look around, I began to realize that I was surrounded by creativity.  We are a very creative family, and seeing what the people around me are doing to express themselves- really seeing it- has helped me get back on my own path and I think will help me in the search that I think all artists go through to find their own voice.

Both kids love to draw.  I try to always make sure that they have a wide range of good quality art materials around so that anytime the mood hits they can make as much art as they want.  They draw just about every single day.  My daughter has this display of some of her drawings up in her room, but I also have their artwork all over the house including framed pieces and canvases that they have painted.  I love incorporating their art into our décor.

Lego is definitely a favourite at our house. They will play for hours together, making up their own lego world and incorporating it with the wooden train set. We have always kept screen time to a minimum and I love that it leads to them engaging in so much creative play.

My boy and I are taking a pottery hand-building class together.  My daughter and I did the same class together twice, and I have been really excited for him to be old enough so that we could do it together too.  I love his enthusiasm and the way that he thinks of little ways to make his pieces even more creative.  I’m really interested to see what he comes up with as the weeks go on.

I love being surrounded by these creative little people.  So inspiring and uplifting. 


2 thoughts on “Creativity is Everywhere

  1. Lego is a favourite at my house, too. I’ve kept it all even though my children are grown up. When they come over, we have a lego party, where we dump all the lego on the living room floor and build things. I bought a couple of boxes of lego at a contents sale which I have displayed on top of my china cabinet. My sister came over and said, I think you should just turn into a crazy old lady with lego everywhere. Sounds good to me!

    • Lego is fun! I will definitely be keeping ours so that they can pass it along to their kids if they want one day. 🙂

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