Week in Review

I’m always excited to see my work in print, and this week the latest issue of Canadian fibre and textile magazine ‘A Needle Pulling Thread’ came out.  In it is the third of four Artist Profiles featuring one of my pieces.  This time it is my “Beyond Swallowtail” piece.  I am always so grateful to the magazine for giving me this fantastic opportunity.

Last weekend we took a spontaneous trip to the National Gallery of Canada to see the Alex Janvier exhibit.  This was my second time seeing it (my sister and I went to see it over the Christmas holidays).  I really enjoy his use of colour, the issues he addresses in his work and I am really intrigued by his collection of circular pieces.  I have done a handful of circular pieces and would love to try to incorporate this format a bit more into my approach.  While I was there I picked up a couple of creative books.  I am excited to see how they get the creative juices flowing.

I’m always looking to incorporate avenues for creativity into the life of my kids.   I talked before a bit about some of the craft activities we got up to over the Christmas break.  This week we played around a bit with science and art.  We got my daughter a microscope for her last Birthday, and every so often we like to look at things under it and see if we find them inspiring for art projects.  This one was a look at onion skin.  I really like the lines in this.  Striped without appearing “stripey”.

This was some fish scales from an Arctic Char that my sister brought us at Christmas (it was delicious!).

I thought it was pretty cool how there were almost little flowery, star patterns in it.   Was really fun zooming in and out on this one.

Just goes to show you that art is everywhere if you take the time to look for it.


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