Garden Series

In 2016, I also completed a series of garden inspired pieces.  I find myself very drawn to macro explorations of nature.  Getting up close to something often provides a whole new way of looking at something, and can create a whole new avenue for creativity and inspiration.
I showed all five of them at the Baz’Art show at the Shenkman Arts Centre in late November.  Two of the pieces have since sold, and two of them have made their way to Newfoundland where they will be on exhibit and available for purchase in the near future.

I can definitely see myself expanding on this series.  Perhaps even on a larger scale. I was really pleased with how they turned out and how much detail I could fit into such a small space (each measures 5″ x 7″).

So now that I have completed these two series, what do I plan to work on this year?  I’m wrapping up work on a piece right now and when that is done I am going to give myself permission to do a bit of experimentation.  I am brimming with ideas.  2016 was finally the year when I started to keep a pretty detailed journal/sketchbook of my ideas and I am excited to get going on a number of them to see if they will work out. 

I also want to work towards another exhibit of my work.  I have a couple of possible opportunities for this that I need to fully figure out and which have me pretty pumped.

This year I also plan to take on teaching a lot less adult beginner classes, and instead put my mind to developing an advanced adult class.  I have been asked a lot about this and now that I know demand is there, it is time to sit down and work it out.  I hope to have that up and running by the Fall.  I hope to continue teaching some classes for kids, though, in the meantime.  Kids are a lot of fun to teach and really do have a great appreciation for fibre art.

I also have a few magazine and publication goals that I want to attain in 2017.  Will keep you posted if those come into fruition.

And travel.  I am hoping to plan lots and lots more fun travel with my three favourite people this year.  So much happiness and inspiration comes out of those times.

Thanks for following along on this ride with me!  Time to take on 2017!


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