Week in Review

I’m always excited to see my work in print, and this week the latest issue of Canadian fibre and textile magazine ‘A Needle Pulling Thread’ came out.  In it is the third of four Artist Profiles featuring one of my pieces.  This time it is my “Beyond Swallowtail” piece.  I am always so grateful to the magazine for giving me this fantastic opportunity.

Last weekend we took a spontaneous trip to the National Gallery of Canada to see the Alex Janvier exhibit.  This was my second time seeing it (my sister and I went to see it over the Christmas holidays).  I really enjoy his use of colour, the issues he addresses in his work and I am really intrigued by his collection of circular pieces.  I have done a handful of circular pieces and would love to try to incorporate this format a bit more into my approach.  While I was there I picked up a couple of creative books.  I am excited to see how they get the creative juices flowing.

I’m always looking to incorporate avenues for creativity into the life of my kids.   I talked before a bit about some of the craft activities we got up to over the Christmas break.  This week we played around a bit with science and art.  We got my daughter a microscope for her last Birthday, and every so often we like to look at things under it and see if we find them inspiring for art projects.  This one was a look at onion skin.  I really like the lines in this.  Striped without appearing “stripey”.

This was some fish scales from an Arctic Char that my sister brought us at Christmas (it was delicious!).

I thought it was pretty cool how there were almost little flowery, star patterns in it.   Was really fun zooming in and out on this one.

Just goes to show you that art is everywhere if you take the time to look for it.


Garden Series

In 2016, I also completed a series of garden inspired pieces.  I find myself very drawn to macro explorations of nature.  Getting up close to something often provides a whole new way of looking at something, and can create a whole new avenue for creativity and inspiration.
I showed all five of them at the Baz’Art show at the Shenkman Arts Centre in late November.  Two of the pieces have since sold, and two of them have made their way to Newfoundland where they will be on exhibit and available for purchase in the near future.

I can definitely see myself expanding on this series.  Perhaps even on a larger scale. I was really pleased with how they turned out and how much detail I could fit into such a small space (each measures 5″ x 7″).

So now that I have completed these two series, what do I plan to work on this year?  I’m wrapping up work on a piece right now and when that is done I am going to give myself permission to do a bit of experimentation.  I am brimming with ideas.  2016 was finally the year when I started to keep a pretty detailed journal/sketchbook of my ideas and I am excited to get going on a number of them to see if they will work out. 

I also want to work towards another exhibit of my work.  I have a couple of possible opportunities for this that I need to fully figure out and which have me pretty pumped.

This year I also plan to take on teaching a lot less adult beginner classes, and instead put my mind to developing an advanced adult class.  I have been asked a lot about this and now that I know demand is there, it is time to sit down and work it out.  I hope to have that up and running by the Fall.  I hope to continue teaching some classes for kids, though, in the meantime.  Kids are a lot of fun to teach and really do have a great appreciation for fibre art.

I also have a few magazine and publication goals that I want to attain in 2017.  Will keep you posted if those come into fruition.

And travel.  I am hoping to plan lots and lots more fun travel with my three favourite people this year.  So much happiness and inspiration comes out of those times.

Thanks for following along on this ride with me!  Time to take on 2017!


Panel #7

I just realized that I hadn’t posted this when I finished it a couple of months ago.  There wasn’t supposed to be a seventh panel- but there was something about this photo that I took at the playground this past summer that really drew me in and I knew I had to hook it.  I love the way that they are holding onto each other; she holding him in a protective hold as they come down slide, and he holding her in order to be protected and also as a reflex because he was feeling so much joy and wanted to share it with her.

Like the other six panels, this one measures 11″ x 14″ and was hooked using a variety of yarns.  The slide was done with a great skein of hand-dyed yarn that I picked up in Newfoundland last year.  It was the perfect colour, and I was able to find all of the values that I wanted just by picking through that one skein.

Just before the holidays, my husband got them all framed for me.  I love that this framing is not “stuffy” but rather gives it a very contemporary look.  Each piece stands on its own yet also works well with all of the others.  It now dominates our living room wall and it makes me happy every time I see it because there are so many memories wrapped up in each of these pieces.


Happy New Year!

I hope that you all had a lovely holiday season!  I am really looking forward to what 2017 will bring, and I am recommitting to try and make somewhat frequent blog posts.

We had a great Christmas.  Always fun is the lead up.  The kids and I did lots of baking.  And lots of crafts.  A lot of our craft ideas come from books or online.  This year my son wanted to tackle some of the ones that were in the latest issue of his Chirp magazine. (As an aside, my parents have been getting my kids subscriptions to Chirp, Owl and Chickadee since my daughter was a toddler and there are always great ideas in them for activities. And they are Canadian!) These pompom snowflakes were one of our activities from the magazine and we were both really happy with how they turned out.  Apparently next he wants us to make the bannock recipe.  🙂


We are also really addicted to sequin art.  This started last Christmas when I picked up one or two at the dollar store.  My daughter and I loved doing them together and it became “a thing” for us.  We usually sit it out on the table and people can put in a pin or two as they pass by.  Before we know it the project is finished.  This year I bought every Christmas design there was and every non-Christmas design I could find.  It will take awhile before we get through them all but that is half the fun!


I didn’t get any hooking done over the holidays but I finally got at it today.  I’m really happy with how this is coming along.  My goal is to finish this in the next couple of weeks as I have a million ideas simmering away that I want to get going on.  My husband has also started working on a trial run of a collaborative project that we are going to make this year.  I’m really excited to see how it works out to see how the final idea will pan out.

Always hard to pick out just a few high points from the holidays, but here were my favourite moments:

  • I think I love Christmas Eve even more than Christmas Day.  There is just something so magical about the anticipation.
  • Watching my kids open their gifts on Christmas morning.  Always a highlight. 
  • My sister and I went to the National Art Gallery and saw the new Janvier exhibit.  It really got me thinking and I have a feeling that there will be some inspiration coming from it.
  • We managed to squeeze in a couple of girl’s nights with friends.  It was such a great time of the year to just laugh and relax and enjoy good company
  • This New Year’s Eve may just be my favourite one ever.  It was perfect and so much fun.  I always feel like New Year’s Even should be a time for a little glamour, and this year we had it in spades.
  • Snowshoeing as a family yesterday on New Year’s Day.  So great now that my son is old enough to get out on snowshoes too.

Lots of other special little moments in there but those were my faves.