Article in RHM!

Remember I mentioned a few weeks ago that there would be some magazine news coming up?  Well, it is here!  I have an article in the current issue (M/A/M) of Rug Hooking Magazine!  Always very exciting to see your work in print.


This article is all about the solo exhibit that I held at the Shenkman Arts Centre last summer here in Ottawa.  The article is 8 pages in total with lots of beautiful big photos of some of my pieces.

I’ve been receiving lots of kind messages and emails from people who have enjoyed reading the article.  I always truly appreciate all of your encouragement and feedback.  I’m glad that so many people have found it interesting and inspiring!

There will be some more magazine news coming up in the near future so stay tuned for that!  🙂



Last month I was fortunate to have a great opportunity to teach two sessions of rug-hooking to some local girl guides!   Due to time constraints I traced out a trefoil pattern in advance so that the girls could get down to work right away.  But of course they had every opportunity to make it their own through their choices of yarns and technique, and that is certainly what they did!

Any session that I teach to kids always starts with a bit of frustration.  I always say that the great thing about rug hooking is that there is only one manoeuver to learn- the loop.  But learning how to make that loop, and even more importantly stay, is not always an easy task.  For the most part, within ten to fifteen minutes they have mastered the technique and the frustration turns to smiles.


Both sessions with the girls were super fun.  They had a great time picking out the colours and textures of yarns that appealed to them the most. Some of the girls even finished their work at home and brought it to me the next time to show me!   At least one girl ignored the drawn pattern and truly made it her own by doing her own design on top.  Loved that she wanted to express her own creativity so badly!

It was so great to see how many of the girls were keen to try it again on their own.   So many of them didn’t even know that fibre art was a “thing” and I think that the more we expose the next generation to these art forms, the better the chance for their survival in the future.

I’m looking forward to teaching a kids class in my own studio in a few weeks and I will share photos of their creations then!