Hand-Hooked Fibre Art by Karen D. Miller

Sneak Peek

Hand-Hooked Fibre Art by Karen D. Miller

I am almost more than half-way done on this piece so I thought it was time for a sneak peek!

This one is really fun to work on.  I’m getting to use so many of the bright colours from my stash of yarns.  Some I have had for quite some time.  I may have to re-stock at the end of this one.  🙂

Would love to know what you think of it so far!


New Business Cards

The new business cards that I ordered as part of the overall “Marzipan Road face-lift” have arrived. First here’s a look at the old business card (with my phone number removed so it isn’t splashed all over the internet 🙂 ). It was one-sided and it has always bothered me that it doesn’t say anywhere what I do!!!   Total design flaw on my part.   Anyone taking this card away with them at some event and finding it in their pocket a week later would probably have no recollection as to what it was that I make and sell.

old card

And here is the new card!   It actually SHOWS what I make.  That’s a snippet of “Tree Fungi” along the top.

new card

AND it is double-sided!   Get this- it actually mentions that I make fibre art.  Important information actually ON the business card!

back new

I LOVE them.  Can’t wait to hand them out at shows etc.   So much more contemporary, modern, sophisticated….informative!


Photo by Karen D. Miller

Inspiration Photo #8


Photo by Karen D. Miller




What:   A spring robin collecting grasses and twigs to build its nest.

Why did this catch my eye:   I am so glad that spring is here and I can feel motivated to do these posts again!   Watching this robin go about its seasonal tasks of material gathering to build its nest just seemed to raise my spirits.  And I thought about how great this bird would look hooked, with lots of textural yarns used to capture its beakful of straw-like grass.   Spring is such a marvellous time of renewal, growth (both literal and figurative) and inspiration.




I committed to posting 40 inspiration photos on the blog in 2014.  The purpose of this exercise is to get me out of my comfort-zone:  finding inspiration in my everyday surroundings.  This series will continue throughout the year.

Northern Landscape

kuujjuaq shore

kuujjuaq town

kuujuuaq ice


kangiq stop

kangiq mural


ice fishing

mussel seraching

dog sled

In March, my husband went on a work trip to the far reaches of Northern Quebec.  They made stops in the towns of Kuujjuuaq, Kangiqsujuaq  and Puvirnituq.  All are very small communities with a primarily Inuit population.  While there he had the opportunity to dog sled, ice fish and search for mussels under the frozen ocean.  He saw the Northern Lights and learned a great deal about Northern life.  There are some things that you have to experience to understand- it is not enough to just read about them- and I think that this would fall into that category.

These are a few of the photos that he took while there.  He also took a few that he thought I might be able to use in my work and I fully intend to do a Northern Canada -inspired series of pieces sometime in the near future.



Karen D. Miller

Show postcards and some exciting news!

Karen D. Miller

Yay!  The postcards for the October show are made and ordered. We have a couple of venues in mind where we will hand them out and I can’t wait to see how they look printed.   Thanks once again to my husband who took my vision and made it reality on Photoshop.  He is becoming a bit of a Photoshop whiz.

Karen D. Miller

And now for the super exciting news.  Do you see it there?  That’s right, our little group is doing a SECOND show, next year, at the Papermill Gallery in Toronto!!!!!   This has been in the works pretty much since the same day that we booked the Niagara-on-the-Lake show but it has just taken a little while to get an exact date and firm up the details.   So, mark your calendars for March 2-16th, 2015!


Spring has Sprung


Looks like Spring has finally decided to make an appearance.  The snow is almost all melted, the temperatures are rising, I’ve got some tulips blooming in the house…. Finally I think my days of photos of snow covered branches and bare trees are almost over.  I’m so looking forward to being inspired by all that Spring and Summer have to offer.

So if you have visited my website in the past couple of days you will notice a MAJOR change.  Remember how I was talking about wanting to do a total overhaul of my site and brand?  Well, I didn’t think it would happen until the Fall or Winter once all my major exhibits were over.  But my loving husband decided that enough was enough and tackled it this past weekend.  I put the finishing touches on it yesterday and it is officially done.  I couldn’t be happier.  It is almost exactly what I had envisioned.  Much cleaner, more contemporary.  And even more important- it is user friendly and actually showcases my art.  No more bad layout and “lists”.  No more cutesie banner that didn’t reflect what I do.  The old website served me well for the past three years but I think I have greatly evolved over that time as an artist and my website needed to reflect that.

I love the layout of the Blog page too with all those clickable boxes that give a hint of what each entry is about!!!

I’ve ordered new business cards using my new banner and more contemporary approach.  When they arrive I’ll show them to you.

There are big changes going on around here!   And there is some art going on around here too.  It has just slowed a bit while I deal with all of this more administrative work.  Now that the changes have been made it is back to hooking and I hope to have a sneak peek ready soon!

Let me know what you think of the new website!


In waiting mode….

2014-04-01 14.59.00

Ugh.  I feel like I am one of those in-between periods.  You know, where there are exciting things ahead but they aren’t here yet?   Like I’m working on a new piece……but it is fairly big so it isn’t done yet.  I’m getting ready for several shows…..but they aren’t here yet.   Spring is coming…..but it isn’t here yet.

I find that all this waiting unfortunately makes for some dry blogging periods.  And then before you know it there will be a whirlwind of things to talk about.

So where do things stand right now?   Well I have “Heading West” all packaged up and ready to send off to Alberta by the end of the week.  The Focus on Fibre Art Association’s “Prairie” show starts in May so that should give it plenty of time to get out to Edmonton.  Wish I was able to get out to see the show but it is just too far away.  I look forward to reading reviews and maybe seeing a few photos here and there.

I have been busy planning our summer and fall.  Love that time of year as that is when we have so many adventures.  This year is no exception and I am chomping at the bit for that time to arrive!!!

The mock-up that I did of my section for the October show has been very helpful and I think I have narrowed down what I will be taking and what remains to be made.  I may make some substitutions as I make other pieces though so I won’t say definitively what is going with me until nearer the time.  I am so, so looking forward to seeing it all put together and seeing in person what the others have been working on.  I think it is going to be a fantastic show.

And I am continuing to plug away at the piece I am working on.  I’m onto the tough part where I am not entirely sure what my plan is for getting the effect I want so it may mean  a bit of trial and error.  I am thinking that when I finish this one I may want some downtime by making some more Newfoundland pieces before tackling another big piece.

Hope Spring is starting to find you wherever you are!