Back to Work

Well, the holidays are officially over.  Everyone is back to work and back to school.  I took last week off from blogging just to get back into the swing of the normal routine.  We had a great holiday season but I was also glad when the time came to pack up the Christmas stuff and embrace the New Year!

I think everyone got the gifts that they had been hoping to receive (I can’t wait to see the little guy use his new sleeping bag that Auntie gave him next time we camp!).  Santa must have known about my objective for 2014 to conquer a portrait piece as I found these in my stocking on Christmas morning:


I also picked this book up right before the holidays to help me with my sketchbooking objective:


I’m still thinking through how I’m going to integrate sketchbooks into my routine and will let you know when I figure it out (hopefully before the end of 2014- ha!).

I had hoped to have the “silver” piece finished by the end of the holidays and would have achieved that goal had I not encountered a little crisis.  I ran out of black background yarn and when I went to my local yarn store to get more I discovered they were sold out!   This past weekend I tracked some down at another store (their last two balls of it.  Don’t know why black Lett Lopi yarn is so popular in Ottawa these days!)  So I should have the whole piece finished in the next day or two.

It will be my first new piece for the exhibit in October.  Speaking of which, it is now advertised on the Niagara Pumphouse website (the venue for the show).  So exciting!  I’ve seen a few of the pieces that the other members in the group have been working on for the show and all I can say is it is going to be really, really good!!!!   I hope to have a poster made up for the show within the next couple of months so stay tuned for that.

So, I’m getting back into the swing of things which means more blog posts and more new things to share.  2014 is officially underway!


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