Repurposing Bad Art

Anyone remember the non-sunflower-sunflowers?  What about this?

I have fully come to terms with the fact that I am not destined to be a painter and the basic fact that I cannot paint.  So when I came across these really bad canvases in the closet I figured it was time to throw them out.

My husband, though, suggested removing the canvas and then reusing the wood frames for future pieces.  So that is what I did.  (At first my daughter was reluctant to let me rip up the sunflowers as she thought it was “good.”  Keep in mind that she is young.  Once I offered to let her help me rip them, though, her attitude changed and the canvases were removed).

I have a possible idea in mind for them that I think I will give some thought to once I finish what I am working on now.

Frankly, they already look better just having the canvases off of them!



I Had a Little Party….

So far, 2013 is turning out to be a great year for me.  After five years of hard work and trying to find my way with my art, I feel like I am now getting to where I wanted to be.  It has undergone a lot of transformations along the way and I’m sure it will go through many more in the years to come.  The year isn’t over yet and I have a few more things on the go- one that I’ll be able to share soon.  One that I’m really hoping I can pull together because I think the result would be awesome.

But, I felt that I wanted to recognize what I have accomplished so far this year and what better way than to get together with ten of my closest friends.  These are the people who ask me about my shows, admire my new pieces and keep tabs on what I am up to.  I feel fortunate to have such genuinely nice and interesting people in my life!

A great group of ladies, great conversation, a great evening.

So fun!


Bird Series Revisited

So after a somewhat lengthy hiatus I have revisited my Bird Series pieces.  You may remember that they were on hold until I could get more driftwood to frame them with.  We collected up a bunch of driftwood on our trip to Newfoundland this summer so I could procrastinate no longer.

First up was a revamp of the Bird Series Part IV piece.

 I wasn’t really happy with how the bottom looked and wanted to change it to the chunkier look of all the other pieces.  So I removed the previous bottom, got out my prodding tool (I’d forgotten how much fun it is to use!), and changed up the bottom.

I’m so much happier with it now.  I’m going to frame it with Part V (the purple one) in the same manner as I framed Parts I and II- one on top of the other.

Which left me with Part III.  I like how they look framed in pairs so that required me to make another piece, namely Part VI.  I chose greens for this one and matched it with a multi-coloured bottom.

The pieces have all gone off to my husband for driftwood frames and when they are ready to go I’ll show you how they look (with better photos than these which are a bit blurred!) when paired up and give you the inspiration story on Part VI!