The Winds of Change….(and a Bonus Sneak Peek!)

OMG.  I’m still plugging away at this thing.  My deadline is now impossibly close and it still needs framed.  I’m not quite freaking out yet but it still could happen.  And, I’m getting sick of the colour blue.  Like really sick of it.  But, on the upside I think in a few more days I will have it done and then I just have to do some touch ups and other loose ends and then it is ready for framing.  So, I thought in the meantime I would give one last, additional, bonus sneak peek.  You can see I’m trying out my colour mixing technique again and am hoping that the end result will be the type of sky I am looking for.

So, this is what is consuming my free time these days.  Just my evenings mind you.  My days are full and fun with the kids.  There has been a fair bit of change going on around here.   My husband’s nine months of parental leave came to an end.  Man, did that ever fly by!    I wouldn’t trade the time he had off for anything.  Both this time and the time he took when our daughter was born were huge in allowing him to bond with the kids and to get really involved as a father, and allowing us to really bond as a family.  Such special, special times.

But the end of that leave brings with it the reality that we suddenly don’t have “all the time in the world” to get things done.  It has now gone back to weekends being the only time we have to do things together just the four of us, as well as inevitable errands and drop-offs at Birthday parties and kids’ activities.  Not having the whole week to do things together anymore sucks.

Which is not to say that our weekdays are idle.  The kids and I have hit summer hard and in fact have coined the phrase “The Summer of Big Fun.”   I was a bit concerned that things would be logistically harder with two kids now instead of one but you know what?  I think it has a lot to do with your mindset.  The kids and I just pack up, pick up and go.   We have already done countless day trips and activities just the three of us and made a ton of memories.  And it isn’t even the end of July yet… many good things to come and we are having SO much fun!   Every day brings a new adventure and I think I can honestly say that I think I have figured this “two kids instead of one” gig out.  We are having a ball!

And I’m thrilled that I am additionally able to make time for my career.  My kids are my days and my evenings are my art.  There are so many great role models out there of work-at-home-mom’s who are able to balance everything and have it all.  It just takes some motivation and organization and so far I think I am exactly where I want to be in creating that balance.  But, when I am going through a busy period such as now when I am working to a deadline other things (like, oh, blog posts) suffer a bit.  But they will pick up again once the big piece is done.  So if I promise a blog post and it takes a week or so to deliver, now you know why!  🙂

As I mentioned, I am really looking forward to the big piece being done.  I am brimming with ideas for future projects and am chomping at the bit to try out a few different angles.  I also feel like I am behind on a few other non-art related projects.  I’ve been doing a great job with clearing stuff out- old clothes, outgrown baby equipment and toys, craft materials I will never use, old electronics and other unnecessary or unwanted “stuff” are gone for the most part (though I do still have to get rid of a bunch of stuff in the basement that no longer fits in with our renovation).    I think because I also work from home and so spend a lot of time in these surroundings that “stuff” gets to me sooner and so clearing it out makes a big difference.  And also key is not bringing more stuff in.  The only home décor items I buy are handmade (I’m SO over mass-produced!) and photo frames.  My mainstay of decorating are our family photos that remind me of all of our special memories.   I’m loving not being surrounded by useless stuff- so freeing both mentally and creatively!

On the professional side I’ve also been doing a bit of de-cluttering.  You may have noticed awhile back that I cleaned up my home page and only have my most recent pieces on there.  The rest is still on the website but under the “Portfolio” section.  Makes the Home page a little cleaner.  And I’ve decided not to renew a number of my memberships in different organizations in the new year.  I think I would rather focus my efforts into entering a bunch of new and exciting national and international exhibits and am excited to see what opportunities will crop up in 2014.   I think it will be good to get out of my comfort zone and see what happens!

Ok, that is all from here for now.  Hope this explains that I haven’t fallen off the planet and I do fully anticipate more regular blogging and more exciting topics very soon.  The rest of the summer and the Fall are looking to be exciting times and I can’t wait to share it all here!!