On the Hunt for Driftwood….

One of our goals on our recent trip to Newfoundland was to collect a bunch of driftwood.  It has become the material of choice for the construction of frames for my pieces and our supply had dwindled to almost nothing.  So, even though the weather forecast was sketchy we headed out to Cedar Cove- about 40 minutes outside of Corner Brook- to see what we could collect.


To get to Cedar Cove you have to park by a working fishing harbour and then climb a long and tall staircase which takes you to an approximately 30 minute hike through the woods.  Portions of the path have wooden walkways and the rest is trekking through tree roots and rocks.

The trek is well worth it.  You find yourself looking down at this cove.  Totally secluded with no one else around except a few fishing boats out at sea.  A quick scramble down finds you on this beach which is literally covered in driftwood of all shapes, sizes and lengths.


My daughter, sister and husband collected much more than we could ever possibly bring back with us.  Back up on the grass the pile was sifted through and only the best was selected (including a section of old lobster trap!).  My husband dragged it all out to the car in a backpack and once we acquired an extra bag we were able to bring it all home to Ottawa.

Soon he can get the rest of the Bird Series pieces framed and think out a frame design for the big piece that I (continue) to work on!