I Made Pottery: Take Two


You may remember this post from last year when I showed you some of the projects that my daughter and I made in a Parent and Child Handbuilding pottery class we were taking.  Well, we are taking the class again this year and are about half way through the course.

I really like the look of pottery.  There are so many talented artisans selling their stuff through the studio that we go to,  and I had envisioned  myself purchasing a really nice sleek vessel to keep my hooks and scissors and other tools in.

Then  I made this owl.   No, it isn’t a sleek and fancy holder.  It’s a little lopsided.  The sides are a little short for some of my tools, like my scissors.  But I did make it myself.   And more importantly, every time I look at it I remember how much fun my daughter and I have had together and how much I have learned about her while watching her make pottery.

So, my tool holder it will remain.


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