Conquering Colour…Some Results

I’ve finally gotten the big piece underway.  This rock is just one small part of the larger picture but I thought I would show you the direction that I am heading in.  It may change and evolve.  I may even end up ripping it out down the road as other sections take shape.  But for now, it is indicative of the approach I am taking.

Told you I was playing around with colour.

I’m trying to take realism and change it up a little…without being too drastic.  I quickly realized that I am not ready to jump into crazy, funky colours no matter how much I may want to.  I’m just not THAT ready to be out of my comfort zone.  At least not yet.

It looks a little funny because grass will eventually fill in underneath it and protrude over the front of the rock once I get there.  I’ll keep giving you glimpses of bits and pieces as I go along!


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