Conquering Colour…Some Results

I’ve finally gotten the big piece underway.  This rock is just one small part of the larger picture but I thought I would show you the direction that I am heading in.  It may change and evolve.  I may even end up ripping it out down the road as other sections take shape.  But for now, it is indicative of the approach I am taking.

Told you I was playing around with colour.

I’m trying to take realism and change it up a little…without being too drastic.  I quickly realized that I am not ready to jump into crazy, funky colours no matter how much I may want to.  I’m just not THAT ready to be out of my comfort zone.  At least not yet.

It looks a little funny because grass will eventually fill in underneath it and protrude over the front of the rock once I get there.  I’ll keep giving you glimpses of bits and pieces as I go along!


Conquering Colour

While I have fallen a bit behind (again) on blogging of late, I have been up to a lot behind the scenes.

Firstly, I had forgotten how much fun and how busy maternity leave is!    Every week my son and I are out and about meeting up with friends, having playdates or attending a class.   My daughter still has a large circle of friends from when I was on maternity leave with her and I find it really cool that my son now has a large group that I hope he will continue to be friends with for years to come!

In typical “us” style, we also have a million other projects on the go, including a basement overhaul.  What was supposed to be a simple task of freshening it up to make it into a playroom has turned into a slightly bigger job but in the end I think it will be awesome so we forge ahead.  I know many of you share my frustrations with clutter and “stuff” and a happy upside to the basement work is that we have been able to get rid of a large amount of stuff that was just taking up space.  I’m working hard to pare our house and lives down to only that which is particularly useful, especially beautiful or that is  meaningful to us, and I feel like I’m really starting to get there!

Lastly, I have been working really hard on my art!  I’ve been filling in forms for upcoming shows which I am excited to share with you when the time comes.  I’ve also been colour planning a new BIG piece.  Probably my second or third biggest piece to date and definitely my most technical and nerve-wracking so far!!

A few weeks ago my daughter and I made up some colour wheels (she glued on the yarn cuttings for me) and I’ve been consulting those, looking at a lot of Van Gogh, Group of Seven and impressionistic work and laying out heaps of yarn colours in different tones and values.  There are so many cool twists that you can do in a piece once you truly understand the rules and logic of colour.  Yes, rules are definitely there to be broken and that is what creativity is all about.  But to break the rules and still have the results work for you is much easier if you immerse yourself in colour theory and so immersing myself is what I have done.

This piece is going to be a challenge for sure on a number of levels, and while I find myself at times both nervous and exscited to work on it, I know that I just need to jump in there with both feet.  I’ll make mistakes along the way but hopefully in the end it will turn out the way I envision!

As I start working on it I’ll share my progress,



I Made Pottery: Take Two


You may remember this post from last year when I showed you some of the projects that my daughter and I made in a Parent and Child Handbuilding pottery class we were taking.  Well, we are taking the class again this year and are about half way through the course.

I really like the look of pottery.  There are so many talented artisans selling their stuff through the studio that we go to,  and I had envisioned  myself purchasing a really nice sleek vessel to keep my hooks and scissors and other tools in.

Then  I made this owl.   No, it isn’t a sleek and fancy holder.  It’s a little lopsided.  The sides are a little short for some of my tools, like my scissors.  But I did make it myself.   And more importantly, every time I look at it I remember how much fun my daughter and I have had together and how much I have learned about her while watching her make pottery.

So, my tool holder it will remain.