Exciting (and unexpected) News!

This is a true, if somewhat bizarre, story.  So last year I was selected to participate in the Arts Ottawa East Selections 2011 show at the Shenkman Arts Centre in Ottawa and I had on display my “Hesturinn” piece.  I applied again this year and submitted my “Colours of Mud” piece.  Those artists who were successful were supposed to hear back by July 1st.  When I heard nothing I assumed I had not been successful this year.  I was disappointed as it was a really good show last year but I was resigned to try again next year.

Then just yesterday I received a package of different pamphlets from AOE and one of them was for the upcoming Selections show.  I perused the back of it to see if I recognized the names of any artists and to my surprise saw my own name.  After a few emails back and forth I have confirmed that my “Colours of Mud at Hverir, Iceland” piece will indeed be in Selections 2012 at the Shenkman Arts Centre from September 27th- October 25th, 2012!

Not sure why I didn’t know that I had been selected but am very excited to be a part of it and looking forward to the exhibit!

Have a great weekend,


Introducing “Fungus Adventure”!


Around here we do things as a team.  My husband varnished and cleaned up the frame and then attached the piece to the frame for me.  I asked my five year old daughter what she thought I should call it.  Cocking her head to one side and with very little hesitation she announced “Fungus Adventure.”    I’m not sure if it is because she looks at it and sees a riotous adventure of fungus.  Or if she remembers that it is based on a photo I took of fungus on a dead tree while she and I were on a trek in the woods a couple of years back.  Either way, that is what it will be called.

The piece measures 18″ across at its widest point and 12.5″ top to bottom and was hooked on rug warp using a variety of wool yarns.  The little dashes of pink are actually the yarn that I dyed awhile back using avocado skins.  In the green leaf to the left I used a bit of silk sari ribbon which I picked up from a vendor at Hooked in the Mountains last year.  I really like the chunkier textured look that it provides and am using it again a bit in the piece that I am currently working on.

The frame is salvage from an old lobster trap.  We found about five or six of these washed up on Stanhope Beach in Prince Edward Island back in 2001.  We’ve had them in our basement ever since, feeling deep down like one day we would find the perfect use for them.  I thought the shape would really set off the abstract design of the fungus so decided to give one a try.  Once it had been varnished and cleaned up I think it turned out to be the perfect frame!  We even left the original DFO (Department of Fisheries and Oceans) tag on in the lower right hand corner for authenticity.  So excited that I have a few more to play around with for future projects!

I feel like I’ve been talking about this piece for forever- and I guess I kind of have!  Once we finish up the hanging mechanism I’ll list it on the home page.



What I’m Reading…


I picked up this really interesting book at the museum store at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.  The book is about the author’s travels as she tours the world trying to track down the traditional sources of all of the paint colours that you still find in art stores today.  I’m about halfway through the book and am finding it quite interesting.  Who knew there was so much involved in making paint colours and that there were so many different parts of the world known for the production of different colours?

Would recommend it to anyone interested in art or even in dyeing of fabric/fibre.

Enjoy your weekend!


12 in 2012: #1 Visit a New Art Gallery

 While in New York we visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I have to say, it is by far the largest art gallery I have ever been to.  Just about every type and ethnicity of art is represented there and you could easily spend several days touring the entire collection.

We were much more picky and focused primarily on the European art- in particular the section on Van Gogh, Monet, etc.   I was blown away by the fact that you were allowed to take photos of the art- isn’t that usually prohibited?  But there, in fact, the security guards would actually ask people to move out of the way to allow others to take photos of the art.

So, I jumped in with my camera and took photos of about a dozen of my favourites.  We were kind of disappointed to discover that Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” is not actually at the Met but instead is at MOMA (The Museum of Modern Art).  But I did get to see quite a few of his most famous pieces including his Cypresses and a self-portrait.

The store at the Met was incredible too- books on just about every aspect of art that you can imagine.  Some time was spent in there.  We kicked around the idea of heading to MOMA afterwards but decided against it as other than the Van Gogh piece we didn’t think the rest of the museum would be our “thing.”

I’m so thrilled that I have gotten to see so much art this summer!