The Inspiration for “Solitude”

First of all, I have been getting lots of terrific feedback on my new piece- thanks so much to everyone!  It is always great to hear that people like what you are making.   As well, I should say that using the window frame was actually my husband’s idea (and it was a great one!).   Once he suggested it, I immediately thought of a photo that I had from a vacation we took in 2009 to the Faroe Islands. I thought the scene would be perfect for this project as it was the view from the house that we rented for the four days we were in the Faroes.

The house we stayed in  (pictured above) was called ‘Solitude’ as indicated by the sign over the front door.  Such an appropriate name for it as I have never felt so much like I was right at the edge of the earth than on the Faroe Islands.  The entire time we were there the sky was grey, moody and foggy but the verdant green landscape sort of offset it so that it never felt depressing- it just felt kind of isolated and mystical.



This was the view from the living room looking out towards the water.  It was this moodiness of the sky and water,  and the striking red of the house and green of the land  that I wanted to capture in my “Solitude” rug.   Using the window to frame it seemed perfect as it replicated the feel of looking through the window of our rental house to this fantastic view just beyond.

Will be listing the piece on the Home page soon!













Hand Hooked Rug by Karen D. Miller


Hand Hooked Rug by Karen D. Miller

 It is finally finished!

The photo doesn’t truly capture the size of this piece.  It measures 38.5″ x 21.5″ framed.  The frame is an authentic antique Eastern Ontario window frame and as you saw in the sneak peeks, each square was individually hooked and then slotted into the frame.  As you can imagine, it took a lot of work to get each of the squares to line up perfectly with each other.  But thanks to my amazing husband it is all put together and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

When I look at it I really feel like I am looking through a window at the scene beyond.  That was my objective with this piece, and I’m so happy that I achieved the look I was going for.

Tomorrow I’ll post a bit about the inspiration behind “Solitude”!