Looking back at 2011 and forward to 2012…..

 It has been an eventful and rewarding ride so far! In 2011, my piece “Hesturinn” was selected for display in the Arts Ottawa East “Selections” show at the Shenkman Arts Centre here in Ottawa, Ontario. This rug depicts a chestnut Icelandic horse that we met in a golden field behind the Gullfoss waterfall in central Iceland as a storm was passing over the distant mountains. One of my more recent pieces, “The Tree Climber”, was also selected to be displayed at the same venue until January 2012. This piece is a study of a young girl in a summer dress climbing a tree. And thanks to continuing support in Corner Brook, Newfoundland, a selection of my pieces are now available for sale at the Newfoundland Emporium and the Harbour Grounds coffee shop. And, of course, there has been the wonderful support from all those who purchased a Marzipan Road piece this year. Thank you!

Just like 2011, I have big ambitions for 2012. In November 2011, I submitted three of my pieces to the 15th Annual Hooked in the Mountains show in Burlington, Vermont. I strongly encourage anybody with any interest in rug hooking to see this show! All of the ideas and techniques on display were truly inspiring! Considerably energized by this experience and the comments that I received, I hope to complete even bigger and more ambitious rugs this year and show them in even more venues. So be sure to check the Events page and subscribe to my blog to keep up to date on where Marzipan Road is going next!


Dyeing or not?

I’ve been looking forward to trying some more natural dyeing along the lines of what I did here.  This time I was going to try dyeing with Japanese Maple Leaves, but instead of falling on the ground in the fall, the leaves on our tree just curled up and dried up on the branches.  We’ve never seen it do that before.  So, no dyeing with Japanese Maple Leaves this year.  Hopefully this doesn’t mean our tree is on its way out.