Where is the time going?

It is SO hard to believe that the show in Shelburne was over a week ago!  This past weekend was another busy one- a first glimpse of the busyness of the holiday season.  On Friday night I was at a Girl’s Night with a group of us that get together at least once a month.  This time it was to celebrate my Birthday of last week and another girls’ upcoming Birthday.  I made a chocolate fondue recipe that I found online using agave nectar and cocoa powder instead of chocolate and sugar and it was actually really good!  We always have a fondue on Christmas Eve so I am delighted that I can now make this recipe as our dessert!  I also bought a sugar free/gluten free cookbook while in Vermont and have earmarked a dessert recipe from it for our Christmas dinner- so nice to find tasty options for the holidays!

On Saturday my daughter had a Birthday party to go to and then we went and saw our local Santa Claus parade.  She was so excited to see Santa and all the lights and floats.  Each year the parade seems to get a little longer as more and more local businesses and groups participate.

Then yesterday she had a couple of her close friends over for a pre-Christmas playdate and lunch.  They played together and made crafts and had a great time while the mum’s got a little bit of chat time in!

The upcoming weekends will be filled with Christmas parties and planning (though thankfully I am pretty much done my shopping!).  All this to say, I have not been getting on too quickly with the piece that I am working on.  It wasn’t helped by the fact that I wasn’t happy with a large portion I had already completed and had to rip it out.  But, I have two end of January deadlines for exhibits that I’m trying to meet so in the coming weeks I will have to go into overdrive and should have some more sneak peeks soon!


Hooked in the Mountains- Last Photos

Here are the last photos of some of my favourites from the show this past weekend.  So many gorgeous pieces- unfortunately I couldn’t take photos of them all!  My preference is definitely for the more contemporary pieces as I love seeing new approaches and new materials and this style is mostly what I do in  my work.  However, what made this show terrific is that every piece was beautiful and there was something for everyone- from primitive to more traditional pieces right down to the new and innovative.  I can’t wait for the next show!


“Over the Rainbow”- hooked and designed by Trish Johnson

“Sorrow”- hooked and designed by Ivi Nelson Collier

“Greensboro Weekend” hooked and designed by Stephanie Allen Krauss

“Indian Boy:  Ah-Chee-Lo” hooked and designed by Donna Hrkman

“Flight” hooked and designed by Liz Marino

                                                                                                                             “Portrait Study” designed and hooked by Jane Sittnick.




Hooked in the Mountains- Part Three

Here are some more photos of our favourites from the show this past weekend.  Will post the last ones tomorrow!


“Cattails”- hooked and designed by Jen Lavoie

“Kamtchatka” hooked and designed by Maria Margarita Romero

“Corn II” hooked and designed by Jen Lavoie

“365 Days of Corn Autumn” by Kim Miczeck

“Hawaii”- hooked and designed by Jen Lavoie

“Aries Woman”- hooked and designed by Mariah Krauss


Hooked in the Mountains 2011- Part Two

“Baby Owls”- hooked by Betty Bouchard; designed by Joan Moshimer

As promised, here are some more photos from Hooked in the Mountains this past weekend.  There were SO many gorgeous pieces but here are a few that were our personal favourites.  I didn’t get a chance to crop the photos and I don’t have the info for all of the pieces so decided to leave it off of all of them.  If there is one you particularly want to about let me know and I can check if I have the name of who made it.  Will share some more photos tomorrow!

“Serenity” designed and hooked by Cathy Henning

“Turtle Reflection”- designed and hooked by Jon Ciemiewicz

Unfortunately I don’t have the names of the designers and hookers of these last two pieces.


Hooked in the Mountains 2011- Part One

I’m just back from a weekend in Burlington, Vermont and amongst the highlights of the weekend (it was also my Birthday and I was spoiled rotten by my family! 🙂 ) was getting to see Hooked in the Mountains!  The show was held at the Shelburne Museum in the Round Barn.  What a terrific venue!  The rugs were displayed beautifully and it was a gorgeous setting.  I was very impressed with the show and the layout.

First thing as we walked in the door my husband saw my piece “Krisuvik, Iceland.”  Right there- by the front door!  I was quite thrilled to see it.  Can you spot it in the photo below?

It didn’t take us long to track down my other two pieces:  “Girl with a Yellow Bucket.”

And “Butterfly on Maple Leaves.”

The entire exhibition was filled with gorgeous and stunning pieces everywhere you looked.

And the whole basement level was filled with vendors.  I bought only a couple of skeins of sari ribbon to try out in future rugs but I toured around the vendors at least four times just taking it all in.

My overall impression of the show was that it was extremely well done.  Such a great experience to be able to see some great pieces and to get a lot of ideas and check out the techniques of other rug hooking artists.  I was absolutely thrilled to be a part of it and look forward to participating in it again in future years.  I had seen a lot of photos of the show last week from others who had had attended and posted photos online and I have to admit I was starting to feel a little intimidated.  Such a lot of great works and I wondered if I was a little out of my league.  Now, having been to the show I actually found it quite validating and I gained a lot of inspiration for how I can strive to be even better!

Throughout the week I’ll post some more pictures of individual rugs that I was particularly amazed by.  I took lots of photos and can’t wait to share some great pieces with you!


Marzipan Road now available at Harbour Grounds!

I’m excited to announce that some of my pieces will be on display and for sale at the Harbour Grounds coffee shop in Corner Brook, Newfoundland!  This new coffee shop is in a terrific location on Humber Road down by the waterfront.  My daughter, sister and I enjoyed some beverages there this past summer and loved the outdoor patio overlooking the water.  If you are in the area, drop by for a coffee or a tasty treat and check out the view and my art! 🙂

Currently on display and for sale at Harbour Grounds is my piece “Moss-Covered Lava Rocks.”


Vernissage- Promenade Arteast “Artistic Inspiration”

On Sunday afternoon we attended the Vernissage for the Promenade Arteast exhibit entitled “Artistic Inspiration.”   My “The Tree Climber” piece is in this exhibit and it was nice to see it in its first public viewing.  It was in great company- there are many lovely pieces in this exhibit!

The exhibit runs until January 10th, 2012 at the Shenkman Arts Centre in Ottawa.