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I have long been interested in the works of the Group of Seven.  I’m currently spending quite a bit of time really trying to study their works and figure out how to translate that into my medium- no easy feat since it is hard to achieve the same layering effects when working with yarn- but by no means impossible.  So, to learn a little more I picked up this book.  It is really quite a fascinating read- it goes beyond just the art itself and provides the context of the times.  You gain a lot of insight into the techniques and subject matter of the Group of Seven and Tom Thomson when you understand the political climate in Canada at the time, artistic trends and the influence of World War II.  I would highly recommend this book to any art lovers.

I also wanted to thank all of those who voted for my piece “Hesturinn” at the Selections 2011 exhibit.  The exhibit is now over, and while I didn’t in the end win the Viewer’s Choice Award, the organizers did let me know that I received a lot of votes.  That so many of you took the time to see the exhibit and vote for me is much appreciated! 🙂

Happy Halloween weekend!



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