My Best Buddy….



It has been a sad and rocky time around here, which kind of explains why I have still not finished the piece I said a month ago that I would be finished soon.  My cat, Mowgli, started to get sick in mid-June.  I took him in for blood work and they said that he had an inflammation of his liver and his white blood cell count was extremely low.  These symptoms in combination made them conclude it was probably cancer.  We had the option of doing intrusive testing, like a bone marrow tap, but given his age (15 years old) we didn’t want to put him through that and at the end of the day, there was no cure anyway.  So, we brought him home and began to pamper and baby him as much as we could.

Our new routine became carrying him outside onto the deck in the morning until it became too hot, at which point we would bring him in and let him back out in the evening until bedtime.  Our lives became about making sure he had eaten a little each day and feeling relief when he did.  Each night we brought him up to sleep in our room with us so he wouldn’t be alone.  We did this for three weeks.  In there was my trip to Newfoundland.  I wasn’t sure that I should go but in the end decided to go.  While I was away he didn’t eat as much and lost some weight but when I returned he started to each platefuls of food at a time and seemed happy to see me again.  Then, on July 13th at around 6:00 pm he passed away.  The three of us were with him at the end  and I think he took some comfort from that.  I have only just started to get through a whole day without crying and I still miss him absolutely terribly.

Mowgli and I go way back.  I got him in December of 1997.  One day my then boyfriend (now husband) and I decided to go to the university library but it was closed.  So instead we went to the Humane Society, something we had talked a bit about before, and that is when I met Mowgli.  He was a big orange and white ball with big yellow eyes.  I took him home and the rest is history.  For 14 years we were together.  He was my shadow- loyal to me to the very end.  He followed me everywhere.  If I sat down, he sat down with me.  That is one of the things that I miss most- not seeing him orbiting me as I go about my day.  He lived a good long life and I am so happy that he was a part of my world.  I suspect I will continue to miss him for a very long time.


And then a week later, my parents were faced with making the hard decision to have their almost 18 year old dog, Murphy, put down.  I know this wasn’t easy for them but they knew in their hearts that it was time- his quality of life had diminished.  Both of these pets were extremely loved and it is very hard to let them go but there are so many good memories to help get us through these tough times.

Mowgli was never much of a dog lover, but I like to think that maybe these two are hanging out together and bringing each other some comfort.



Days 8, 9 &10: Newfoundland

So, we have reached the end of the recap of my trip to Newfoundland. On Day 8 we went back to Gros Morne, with reservation in hand this time, for the Western Brook Pond boat tour.  The boat tour was great- two hours in the fjord seeing giant cliffs and waterfalls.  There was even some ice and snow up there near the top.  It was a bit foggy, but not enough to take away from the view.  Instead, the fog just added to the atmosphere.  Even the 3 km walk to the boat from the parking lot was spectacular.  Highly recommend it.  We finished up the day with dinner at Java Jack’s in Rocky Harbour.  My sister and I shared delicious fishcakes and I had the best mango curry scallops!

Day 9 was a relaxing day spent in the backyard and tying up some loose ends in town.   Day 10, we headed back to Ottawa.  It was sad when the end of the trip came, but we have so many fun memories and can’t wait to go back again!



Day Six: Newfoundland

On day six of our trip my sister took my daughter in to her work to show her around.  The last time my daughter went to see her work was when she was four months old, and some of her co-workers remembered meeting her back then!  In the afternoon we did some shopping at a really cute home store in downtown Corner Brook that is housed in an old garage building.  We go in there everytime I’m in Corner Brook.  Then off to Cedar Cove. On the way we encountered a moose ahead of us on the road and had to wait for a bit until it found a spot where it could dive back into the woods.  Cedar Cove is a lovely spot, though it is a bit of a trek through the woods to get to it.  But it would seem that they have been working on improving the path and in some places they had added a boardwalk.  While at Cedar Cove we saw a family of ducks swim by and my daughter collected a bunch of pretty stones to bring back for her dad.



Day Five: Newfoundland

Today we headed into Gros Morne National Park- which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Our plan was to go on the Western Brook Pond boat tour but we were told at the kiosk at the entrance to the park that the tour was sold out for the day.  So, we changed gears and decided to explore the park itself instead.  This was my third visit to Gros Morne so we focused on areas that we hadn’t seen before.  We started in Norris Point where there is a small aquarium down by the water.  My daughter loved the touch tank where she was able to hold a star fish, a sand dollar and a bunch of other sea creatures.  We ate our lunch at the Norris Point look-out which afforded us terrific views of the town and the Tablelands in the background.   After lunch we drove to Cow Head Beach.  It was a beautiful warm day and although the water was cold we still had lots of fun playing in the sand and searching for sand dollars!



Day Four: Newfoundland

A low-key day.  The morning was spent shopping- we hit the Salvation Army store for some vases for a craft project and hit the library for some bed-time story books.  Then we hung out in the backyard playing soccer and having a picnic lunch.  The afternoon was all about crafting- I had earmarked a pom pom flower project from a magazine ages ago thinking it would be perfect for my sister’s new mantle.  We whipped some off and they really look nice!

Because there aren’t a lot of photos from this day of the trip I thought I would share the three new books that I picked up and have added to my rug-hooking related book collection.  The first two are publications from a rug-hooking group that meets at the Five Island Gallery out on the East side of Newfoundland.  I always like looking at the work produced by others so snatched them up.  The last is more of an historical book supplemented with plenty of photos of rugs.  The book is about the Grenfell mission that operated out of St. Anthony’s, Nfld. for many years and the rugs that were created as a part of that operation.  As the mission progressed, the rugs began to be hooked primarily using silk stockings.  I have not yet tried hooking with nylons, but know that many people do and love that particular material.  This book motivates me to give it a try!

Be back on Monday with Day Five- we went to Gros Morne!



Day Three: Newfoundland

On the third day of our trip we drove out to Port-aux-Basques where we stopped for lunch and saw the ferry getting ready to leave for its voyage to Sydney, Nova Scotia.  After lunch, we drove a very scenic route up to the pretty stone Rose Blanche lighthouse.  The views from the top gave us tremendous views of the neighbouring town of Harbour LeCou.  Lots of inspiration for future rugs in that little area.  On the way back we stopped by a little boardwalk and my sister and daughter practiced fishing with the fishing rod my sister had bought for her.  I snapped a picture of a little hidden waterfall and then we got out of there fast as we were being attacked by blackflies!



Day Two: Newfoundland

The second day of our trip was a bit overcast and threatening rain.  We went to the new coffee shop in Corner Brook called Harbour Grounds in the morning and sat on the deck overlooking the harbour, sipping on London Fog.  After lunch, we headed to the Insectarium in Deer Lake where my daughter was fascinated with the butterflies, bees and other creepy crawly insects!  This was a highlight of the trip for her- especially when a butterfly landed on her dress.



Day One: Newfoundland

Myself and my daughter are back from ten days in Corner Brook, Newfoundland visiting my sister.  We had a terrific time and even had mostly great weather!  I thought it would be fun to give a snapshot of each day of our trip through photos.  The first full day we were there was beautiful and sunny.  The three of us just hung out- we did some shopping,  visited the “Newfie Bullet” (a museum about the railway system in Nfld. which now no longer exists) and went to Pasadena Beach to soak up some sun.  We also had toutons for breakfast almost every day that we were there!