New Hampshire- Last Day

Ok, fellow rug hookers, get excited.   I had mapped this out in advance.  Only 8 miles off the highway- I knew we couldn’t pass this by.  Yes, the Dorr Mill Store.  Right there in Guild, New Hampshire- a bit off the beaten path but a veritable mecca for rug hookers.   An entire room of bolts of wool cloth (too bad I don’t do much work with strips of cloth preferring instead yarn, as they only had one little display of yarn).  Books galore, hooks galore.  You need it for rug hooking, it was there.  And even though we still had seven more hours of driving to go to get home, my husband told me to take my time at the store. Imagine.

So, after much wandering around and deliberation I settled on the following (I intended to take photos of what I bought to show you, but didn’t get around to it so written description will have to do):  four large pieces of rug warp and a piece of primitive linen. I’ve been wanting to try some different backings but can’t find them locally.  A new cocobolo wooden handled hook- beautiful dark wood.  And two big hard-covered books full of rugs.  I love looking at pictures of rugs.

And did I mention that New Hampshire is tax free????

So all in all a terrific trip with a terrific ending.  Now, back to work on the large rug that I hope to finish in the next two weeks.  I’m getting much more detailed in my work which means each one takes longer but in the end I think it is worth it.  And I started a smaller piece while I was away which I should have finished soon after the other.


Portsmouth, New Hampshre- Day Two

Our second full day in Portsmouth was all about the ocean. We drove along the coast, otherwise known as “Millionaire Row” for all the huge mansions that line the road, to Rye Harbour beach.  It was a cooler day but luckily not raining so we were able to walk along the kelp strewn beach and listen to the waves.

We crossed over to Massachusetts and hit another beautiful beach. It looked like normally the beaches are quite crowded but at this time of the year it was really quiet but the day was still nice enough to sit on a blanket and watch my daughter play and reflect on the beauty around us.  We had lunch at a nice little restaurant in Newburyport, Massachusetts and then back to the hotel.

Stay tuned tomorrow for our final day.  As we drove back home we made a stop that I had been planning for a few weeks and was rug-hooking related!!


Long Weekend in New Hampshire

So this past weekend was a long weekend here in Canada and we had been long anticipating our trip across the border to Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  We set off on Friday morning and crossed the border at Sherbrooke, Quebec. Don’t know why we always pick long weekends to do this when the border crossing is busy but made it across uneventfully and made it in to Portsmouth early Friday evening.
Saturday morning we decided to explore the town itself.  Very quaint little place with lots of 17th and 18th Century architecture- quintessential New England.  Beautiful sunny day on Saturday so we did much wandering.  Ate lunch (lobster of course!) down by the harbour.  I also wandered around the Portsmouth Farmer’s Market and was pleased to stumble across a stall selling hand-dyed New Hampshire yarn and roving.  So, you know I had to pick up a few things there.  Here are a few photos from our first full day in Portsmouth……
Tomorrow I’ll share some more photos from our trip!  I took a ton of photos (but to be fair, not a day goes by that I don’t end up taking a ton of photos so this wasn’t too far out of the norm) and got lots of good fodder for future rugs!  I love that about trips- lots of new ideas start flowing.

My Week in Review

I’m so happy that the warm weather is finally here!  On the weekend we got our gazebo up on the back deck and now it feels like summer can come at any time- now we are ready for it!
Last week…I finally cleaned up the front garden before the neighbours noticed that it was a mess.  Lots of dead leaves and dead stalks in the flower beds.  All gone now.  And in the process I found an overturned bird nest lying on the ground under a tree.  There were little pieces of the shells left from when the babies must have burst out of their eggs.  Now just have the back garden to tidy up…..
Last week….we finally figured out our summer plans and except for a few loose ends are all set.  This, I do believe, is going to be the busiest summer of our lives so far. But I’m really looking forward to it!
Last week….we started watching for a certain tulip to bloom.
Last week….we had the final reply for a certain Birthday party.  Now a certain little girl is just about bursting with excitement as she counts down to her big day.
Last week….I finally made some good headway on the rug I’m working on.  Hoping to do a sneak peek this week!  Nowhere near done it yet but finally feeling like I’m in the groove and my goal is to have it finished well before the end of the month.
Hope the beautiful weather is starting to kick in wherever you are!