On This Day…..

A package is on its way to Corner Brook, NL containing more pieces to display at Brewed Awakening.

The snow here in Ottawa is FINALLY melting.  Now if only we could get some warmer temperatures- I think they are coming this weekend.

I am in dire need of a haircut.

I have started a new piece which includes, of all things, the colours purple and orange.  Even more surprising is that when I looked through my stash of yarns, I actually had the perfect shades of purple and orange.



Things I’m feeling grateful for right now…
1.  My awesome husband who supports me in everything I do and who is always coming up with incredible ideas for how to make my business bigger and better.  Just last night he was up sketching out some things and brainstorming new avenues to explore. No one believes in me more than he does.  It’s pretty cool to have your own cheering section.
2.  My sweet little girl who is already looking forward to outdoor art shows this summer.  She was SO upset when she couldn’t stay at the last show (because it was indoors so not as much space and it was two days so very long) and is already talking about the ones this summer.  We are such a little team- we do everything together!
3.My fantabulous sister (who if you are reading this right now, you need to get home and buy some paint 🙂  ) who is helping me to get my designs “out there” in Newfoundland.  Without her on the ground it would be much more difficult.
4.  All the family and friends who have purchased from me or asked for custom orders. The support has been incredible and I like to think that those who have bought something have done so not just because they feel they have to but because they genuinely like my stuff.  🙂
5.  All the people that I don’t know, but who have purchased from me.  To have someone choose your stuff to buy is a wonderful feeling and keeps you going.
6.  That there are definite signs of spring in the air.  Love the sound of melting snow.  Can’t wait to put on a pair of sandals and sit out on the deck or play with my daughter in her little pool and go to the park.  Can’t wait to embark on new adventures and see flowers blooming.  We are not a huge winter family and it was too long!
7.  I’m feeling extremely grateful that I’m living the life that I want to be living.  I really truly feel that I am living a rich and fulfilling life.  I’m creating memories for my little family and taking the time to capture those memories so that we will never forget all the little things.
8.  I’m feeling grateful that a certain pair of earrings that I have been stalking may be coming back into stock soon….
9.  With all that is going on in the world these days I’m feeling grateful that I live where I live and that my little family is safe and happy.
10.   Mostly I’m feeling grateful to be me.  I wouldn’t trade all that I have for the world.  🙂

What’s New Around Here…….

* Went to the yarn store today with gift certificates that I got at Christmas.  Love that.  Came home with a bag full of great finds.

* My daughter got new rubber boots.  No more “yellowboots”  (yes, always pronounced as all one word).  I actually feel a little sad about this as a lot of terrific memories involved those yellowboots.

* Girl’s night at my place last weekend.  The six of us get together about once a month, in addition to our weekly spinning/yoga class.  Great food, great chats, good times.

* On the shop front, things are crazy busy.  The piece I sneak peeked a couple of weeks ago was rejected from the competition (Boo!).  But it is now undergoing a revamp which I will reveal as soon as I can.  In addition, I have another piece I am working on that is almost finished.  And there are a bunch of other business related things going on too- all of them good and very exciting!

* It feels like Spring is finally here (thank goodness!).  The snow is melting, the birds are chirping….I can’t wait for full-blown Spring!   I already find my thoughts turning to summer and vacation ideas.

* The yellow mini-rose that I got last year for my Birthday is blooming right now.  Further proof that winter is gasping its last and spring will soon be here……


Next Stop Newfoundland!

I’m SO excited to announce that my Cheticamp, Nova Scotia rug is currently hanging at the Brewed Awakening coffee shop on West Street in Corner Brook, Newfoundland!  It will be on display there for the next six weeks.  Thanks to my fantastic sister for being my on the ground “Newfoundland agent.” 🙂    Hoping this will be just the first of many of my pieces to hang there and this marks my first display out of province!