Hand Hooked Rug by Karen D. Miller

Where in Canada is this….

Hand Hooked Rug by Karen D. Miller
Corner Brook, Newfoundland! As correctly guessed on Facebook by my lovely sister who should know- she lives there. 🙂

Corner Brook is situated on the West Coast of Newfoundland and is the province’s second largest “city” (the largest of course being the capital, St. John’s). Corner Brook boasts a population of roughly 20,000 people and is touted on its website as being “…one of the most dynamic and exciting places in the country in which visit, live, work or do business.” Hmm, not sure my sister would agree with this statement. But moving on…the main attractions are the Corner Brook Pulp & Paper Mill, Man in the Mountain (which if you buy the postcard you can pick out the “man’s face” in the rocks very quickly), nearby Marble Mountain for downhill skiing and the Corner Brook Museum (which after two trips to the city I have still yet to go to).
However, what Corner Brook may lack in excitement and man-made attractions it makes up for in beauty. About an hour or so away is the very large and spectacular Gros Morne National Park which is a definite must see for its variety of environments- from fjords to mountains and rocky hiking trails.

Driving through Gros Morne in winter.

The Tablelands trail in Gros Morne National Park

Downtown Corner Brook boasts the Corner Brook stream trail where there is, of course, the Corner Brook stream.

And of course, there is Captain Cook’s Monument. Located at the top of a hill this monument to James Cook (the first person to map the area) affords spectacular views of the Bay of Islands and was the inspiration for this rug.

Interested in learning more about Corner Brook, Newfoundland or its surrounding area? Or interested in visiting the very interesting and ruggedly beautiful province of Newfoundland and Labrador? Check out http://www.cornerbrook.com/tourism/tourmain.html or http://www.newfoundlandandlabrador.com

My sister and I in St.John’s, Newfoundland.